30 years Green City - 30 years of climate protection

When Green City e.V. was founded 30 years ago, the world was a different place: Environmental issues hardly played a role in the public perception, Munich with about 300,000 inhabitants less than today was a rather easy going city and renewable energies were still in their infancy. The founders of Green City recognized early on that cities must become green and sustainable. It quickly became clear that this would also require the professionalisation and project planning of renewable power plants. This is why the association founded the subsidiary Green City Energy GmbH in 2005 – the foundation stone for today’s Green City AG was laid. While the environmental protection association realises its goals in the greater Munich area, the AG operates throughout Germany and Europe and has now been actively promoting the change towards 100% renewables for 15 years. To this day, the association is the main shareholder of the AG and we act jointly as an initiator and designer of genuine sustainability.


Our highlights from 30 years of Green City

The list of our successes in recent years is long – too long outline completely, but we would like to give a brief overview of our highlights from 30 years of Green City:

  • In 1990 a group of Munich residents founded the environmental association Green City e.V. under the former name “München 2000 Autofrei” (Munich 2000 Car Free) for a greener city
  • 1993, was the start of the call-a-bike development, which was later transferred to Deutsche Bahn
  • 1999 saw the launch of Solarpark 2000, the world’s largest solar citizen participation scheme, the corner stone for the energy turnaround
  • In 1999 the Blade Night took place for the first time
  • In 2000, only one year later the first Streetlife Festival was held. The Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year
  • In 2003, the GC Projekt GmbH was founded (later the Green City Experience)
  • In 2005, Green City Energy GmbH was founded, the foundation stone for Green City AG was laid
  • In 2011 GC Energy GmbH was transformed into a public limited company and with our investments Kraftwerkspark I, II and III we started to push the expansion of renewable energies
  • In 2012, the GC Projekt GmbH started to cover the areas of communication and consulting besides the organisation of events like the Streetlife Festival
  • 2016 was the start of “Sauba sog I” on the topic of air pollution control. The campaign contributed to the decision for a change in modes of transportation (2019).
  • In 2017, we became one of the few suppliers of electricity from newly built renewable energy power plants and entered the field of e-mobility
  • In 2018, GC Energy and GC Experience were merged, making Green City AG an integrated energy and transport transformation company
  • In 2019, we founded SUMMIQ AG and with our capital product Solarimpuls we pass on market opportunities to our investors
  • In 2020, after only 9 months of construction, we will connect the first solar park in Spain to the grid with “El Marqués” and launch the new Power2People electricity tariff


In the meantime, we can look back on numerous years of commitment in the field of energy and transport transition and have achieved an incredible amount. In our 15-year history as an AG, we were able to connect 356 water, wind, solar and biogas plants with a total output of 248 MW to the grid. In addition, we were able to win 524 million euros for the expansion of renewable energies with our green investments. Green City AG is represented in four European countries and has a pipeline of 800 megawatts in the solar and wind industry.

We have always remained true to our basic ideas over the years: We create solutions through courageous concepts and vision! In doing so, we act politically and entrepreneurially – we simply do it!

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