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We want to create sustainable cities - and lead the way towards a sustainable future. Climate change, urbanization and energy consumption are posing unprecedented challenges to our living spaces and economic areas. But we also have the unique opportunity to reinvent them. We need courageous concepts, political vision and imagination in order to source our energy differently, to rethink mobility and to align public spaces with people's needs. We need courageous concepts, political vision and imagination in order to source our energy differently, to rethink mobility and to align public spaces with people's needs. This is exactly where Green City AG comes in - as a holistic energy transition company.

We aim for the big picture: Real structural change

Our answer to the energy question is 100 percent renewables. As a holistic accelerator, we are driving forward both their expansion and their market integration. As the energy sectors of electricity, heating and mobility grow together, green electricity will become the most important energy source in all areas of life and work. Such an overall system must be created today!

With four business units, Green City AG is increasing the supply of renewable energy plants and, at the same time, building the necessary structures for cross-sector green power utilization:

RENEWABLES: Renewable energy power plants

FINANCE: Sustainable investments

DRIVE: Environmentally friendly mobility solutions

EXPERIENCE: Change Management & Communication

Our impact on the energy transition

Initiators with vision and zest for action

Green City AG addresses citizens and decision-makers: To private and institutional investors, owners of real estate and neighborhoods, municipalities, institutions and companies. Their participation and acceptance is the key to the success of the energy transition. Because the decentralized energy transition and a new mobility culture are taking root on a small scale: It starts with every local person and their willingness to rethink the way we live.


Thousand Euros

invested daily by Green City in the energy transition for 15 years


Million Euros

invested annually by Green City in the energy transition for 15 years


Thousand tons of CO2

avoided by Green City in 2020

Cooperation between organisation and public listed company

We make things easy! We create solutions – For a livable city and with the participation of citizens and decision-makers. This is the DNA of our parent association Green City e.V., which is crucial for the entire Green City family. We act both politically and entrepreneurially at the same time. While the environmental organisation Green City e.V. realises its goals in the greater Munich area, Green City AG is active throughout Germany and Europe.

Our main shareholder: a non-profit organisation

We want to win over as many people as possible for a shift in energy production and modes of transport and engage them in the market opportunities. For this purpose, we put our company in the hands of many: With our citizens’ share, shareholders become co-owners of Green City AG and benefit from the steadily growing power plant portfolio. Green City e.V. is our main shareholder and is represented on the Supervisory Board by two members.


Award winning

Our efforts make an impact! The renowned awards and certifications are an acknowledgement of our achievements as a company – and therefore also apply to our customers, partners, shareholders and investors.

Green City on the move

The Green City family despite the political challenges over the last 20 years has grown from the first solar project to a substantial portfolio of renewable energy power plants. Green City AG has 20 years of experience and history: the Green City solar pioneers and investors of the first hour have set out on a path towards a sustainable city, which we are still following to this day.

Green City e.V. – We make it easy, we create livable cities

A group of Munich residents founds the environmental protection association Green City e.V.* With projects and campaigns for climate protection, a greener city and a move away from car traffic, the association relies on citizens: On their commitment, awareness raising and socio-political discourse.

*The association was founded in 1990 under the name “München 2000 Autofrei” – Munich 2000 Car-free – and renamed in 1995.

Solar pioneer – We involve investors in the financing of energy system transformation.

In 1999, the association became active in energy policy for the first time. We show how the energy transition can work in the hands of citizens: With the financial support of 136 investors, we install the first solar roof systems in Munich – the world’s largest citizen participation system at the time. Five more citizen funded solar parks are being built shortly after.

Green City Energy GmbH – We become pioneers of renewable energies

In 2005, the association founded the subsidiary Green City Energy GmbH to professionalize and plan regenerative power plants – the foundation for today’s Green City AG was laid. As a green energy supplier, we expand our range of activities from solar power to water and wind power, biogas, contracting and municipal energy consulting.

Foundation of Green City Energy France Sarl

With its branch in Toulouse, France, Green City is strengthening its reach on the international market. In addition to Germany and Italy, we are now also operating in France as a project developer in the field of renewable energies.

Green City Energy AG – We accelerate the expansion with our own power plants throughout Europe.

Green City Energy GmbH becomes a public limited company in 2011. With our investments in power plant parks I, II and III, we begin to build up our own capacities and drive forward the expansion of wind, hydro and solar power. We are opening up markets in Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Green City Projekt GmbH – We support municipalities, institutions and companies

The subsidiary Green City Projekt GmbH was founded by the association in 2003 to organise major events such as the Streetlife Festival and the Blade Night in Munich. In 2012 Green City Projekt becomes a consulting & communication service provider.

Energy suppliers – We bring 100 percent green electricity and e-mobility into the city

In 2017, we founded our own green power brand and were one of the few providers to supply green power from new builds. With our POWER tariffs, we supplied private and business customers – and went one step further: Green City Energy AG sees the time for sector coupling has come and entered the e-mobility market with e-scooter sharing.

Green City AG – We promote the market integration of renewables

The economic efficiency of renewable energies and the intelligent networking of green electricity, heat and e-mobility open up new opportunities that we are seizing with the reorganisation as Green City AG: Green City Energy AG and Green City Projekt GmbH merge into one. And with it green electricity production, financing and consulting are combined – supplemented with new business fields in green energy sales. As a company dedicated to bring about a shift in the areas of energy generation and mobility, we stand on three pillars of hydroelectric, wind and solar power and bring electricity from renewable sources into urban areas – we create the infrastructure for e-mobility and energy solutions.

SUMMIQ AG – We founded a green energy supplier of a new generation

In 2019, we celebrate 20 years of pioneer work in the field of solar energy. In our anniversary year, we have a project pipeline of several hundred megawatts of output in the wind and solar business alone. These include ground-mounted solar power systems on a multi-megawatt level in Spain and France. With the “Solarimpuls” bond, we are passing on market opportunities to our investors. And we are setting the course for the future: Green City AG founds SUMMIQ AG in 2019. The aim of SUMMIQ as an independent company is the investment-driven development and operation of a digitally controlled gigawatt portfolio, in particular of wind and solar power plants, which is complemented by investments in storage and digitisation technologies.

Founding of Green City Italia Srl

Since 2013, Green City has been acting as a project developer for renewable energy plants in Italy. With the official foundation of Green City Italia Srl, we are further strengthening our impact and reach on the European market.

First solar project in Spain

With “El Marqués”, Green City is expanding its country radius and can now add Spain to its project locations.


Jens Mühlhaus

Spokesperson, Head of Operations

  • Spokesman for the Board of Management of Green City AG since 2010
  • 1992 – 2010 Honorary board member of Green City e.V.
  • 2002 – 2008: Honorary member of the city council of Munich as well as Transport and Energy Policy Spokesman
  • Many years of experience in project development and control, including Bürgerbau AG Freiburg

Heike von der Heyden

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Human Resources, Head of Corporate Finance

  • With Green City AG since 2019, initially as Head of M&A and Project Finance.
  • More than 20 years of experience in corporate finance and private equity in Germany and the USA
  • Supervisory and advisory board experience in medium-sized companies

Management Board

Rod Poublon

Head of Renewables

  • Mechanical Engineer, authorised representative
  • Active in the field of renewable energies in Europe since 2002
  • Several management positions with large energy groups and medium-sized energy suppliers

Kathrin Enzinger

Head of Finance

  • Degree in Business Administration
  • 15 years of relevant professional experience
  • With Green City since 2011
  • Management of §32 KWG Financial institution Green City Finance GmbH
  • Before (i.a.): KanAm, IC Consulting

Rauno Andreas Fuchs

Head of Experience & Drive

  • Managing Director of Green City Experience GmbH (formerly Green City Projekt GmbH) since 2011
  • Many years of experience in the field of urban development and mobility
  • Main focus: municipal strategies and business development with a focus on mobility, urban development and climate protection
  • Offices: Chairman of the Supervisory Board Kartoffelkombinat eG, Member of the Transport Committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Munich and Oberbayern, Managing Director ADFC Bayern e.V.

Supervisory Board

Matthias Altmann

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Member of the board of Green City e.V.
  • Internationally active Senior Consultant of Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH in the field of energy and sustainability
  • Many years of experience in advising international companies and public institutions in Europe

Christian Alexander Mayer

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Lawyer in environmental & energy law at Noerr LLP in Munich (since 2010)
  • Lecturer for Environmental Law and Regulation in the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Stuttgart (since 2013)
  • Regular participation in research initiatives, publications and presentations
  • Lawyer with Kapellmann & Partner (Düsseldorf, 2007-2010)

Trine Hafsett

Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Group controlling at TÜV SÜD, including the development of the investment controlling and a reporting system
  • Taught retrainees in business management basics

Martin Glöckner

Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Managing Director of the main shareholder Green City e.V. (since 2008)
  • Consulting and management positions at the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) on an honorary and full-time basis

Birgit Kredel

Member of the Supervisory Board

  • Vice President & Strategic Client Partner of QuEST Global
  • Former head of the Smart Cities division of Siemens AG based in London (The Crystal)
  • Many years of experience in the energy sector, including 5 years as Head of the Market Development Board for Power Utilities for Asia Pacific of Siemens AG

Performance Report

In the interests of transparency for our capital providers, investors and shareholders, we publish the current account balances of all investments issued by us on an annual basis.

Take a look at the current account for an overview of our ecological investments for corporate financing as well as the financing of the asset portfolio and the transport turnaround. The current account also includes information on the issued shares of Green City AG and all interest payments made on the issued financial products up to 3.06.2021.

Extract from the current account of equities, bonds and profit-sharing rights – as of 30.06.2021 (PDF)

Green City AG has launched 23 closed-end mutual funds with an issue volume of over EUR 54 million. As of 31.12.2019, more than 21.3 million euros were distributed to the limited partners. This current account provides an overview of the performance of individual closed-end funds for the 2018 financial year. Deviations from the target values are explained in detail.

Extract from the current account Closed funds – for the financial year 2018, as of February 2020 (PDF)

The solar current account clearly shows the number of realized solar power plants and the installed capacity of the Green City Group – cumulative ly recalled by 2019. It provides a detailed overview of the performance of the individual solar projects of the Green City Group as of 31.12.2019.

Extract from the solar current account – as of Dec 2019 (PDF)

Key figures of Green City AG

The Green City Group has invested a total of 535 million euros in renewable energy projects by the end of 2020.

We have made distributions and interest payments of around 58.3 million euros to our investors by the end of 2020.

The power plants of the Green City Group produced a total of 290,364 MWh of green electricity in 2020.

The Green City Group has realised power plants with a total capacity of 263 MW by the end of 2020.

The environmental protection association Green City e.V. remains the largest shareholder of Green City AG. The shareholder structure at the end of 2020: