Bavarian Odenwald: First wind farm of Green City

  • Commissioning: 06/2016
  • Systems: GE 2.75
  • Capacity: 12 MW
  • Annual production: 30,000 MWh

The Bayerischer Odenwald wind farm consists of five Nordex N 117 wind turbines, which were built in the Odenwald region in 2013. The wind turbines are located in Heppdiel and Windischbuchen, two districts of the municipality of Eichenb├╝hl, which belongs to the district of Miltenberg.

The plants with a total capacity of 12 MW generate around 30 million kilowatt hours of green electricity per year. The Bayerischer Odenwald wind farm was financed by Green City through a closed-end civic participation fund.

To the video about the construction of the wind farm Odenwald.