"Bürgeraktie" issued by Green City AG


The purpose of this website is not to give a promt to subscribe or an individual investment recommendation or advice. For an investment decision to purchase the shares, the securities brochure “Green City Energy AG” dated 20.09.2016 including supplement no. 1 dated 22.11.2016 is exclusively authoritative. An investment in the shares of Green City AG is subject to certain risks, up to a possible total loss of the invested capital. It should also be noted in particular that the payment of a dividend is not guaranteed and depends on the company’s profit and the resolution of the Annual General Meeting. Interested parties must carefully read and understand the entire brochure including Supplement No. 1 (including the risks described therein).

The shares will generally only be publicly offered in the Federal Republic of Germany. There is no offer in legal areas / legal systems in which such an offer would be illegal. In particular, no offer is therefore being made in the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan. The shares have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, in the United States. All information and documents (including the securities prospectus) may therefore not be transferred to these countries. The exclusion of the offer applies to all citizens of the United States, holders of a permanent residence and work permit for the United States (green card) and citizens with unlimited income tax liability in the United States for any other reason. The same applies to natural persons and legal entities with a statutory seat, actual administrative seat, residence or secondary residence in the United States. US companies or other asset units, assets or trusts established under US law which are subject to US federal taxation are also excluded from the offer. In addition, citizens of Canada, Australia or Japan or a natural or legal person who have their domicile, actual administrative seat or statutory seat in the above countries are excluded from the offer. Furthermore, other natural or legal persons to whom an offer would be illegal due to legal regulations or legal provisions are excluded.

Note for the investor: Green City AG has given its consent to Green City Finance GmbH on the prospectus date for the duration of the subscription period to use the prospectus for a later resale or final placement in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The financial intermediaries listed here have now also been permitted to use the securities prospectus “Green City Energy AG” dated 20 September 2016 within the framework of the aforementioned approval.