Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau: Innovative financing model and awarded as a best practice example

In the area of the municipalities of Ettenheim, Schuttertal and Seelbach, seven wind turbines of the latest design were built from the beginning of 2016. The plants are projected to cover around 30% of the municipal energy needs.

The wind farm will be realized as part of an innovative financing model. An important strategic future option is also the direct marketing of wind power to local electricity customers. This right of marketing for the benefit of the residents has been placed in the hands of Ettenheimer Bürgerenergie eG and will come into effect as soon as the general conditions allow this economically. In close coordination with the participating municipalities (Ettenheim, Seelbach, Schuttertal, Ringsheim) already during the planning phase, the plant locations were chosen in such a way that the intervention in the landscape was reduced in the best possible way.

  • Commissioning: 06/2016
  • Systems: GE 2.75
  • Power: 19.3 MW
  • Annual production: 44,000 MW

Awards for the Südliche Ortenau wind farm

The European project “WISE Power” together with the German Energy Agency (dena) has awarded the Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau the “Best Community Award”, which honours wind energy projects that are particularly well integrated in their region.
The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment classifies the Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau as a best practice example for the implementation of the energy transition.

Further details about Südliche Ortenau GmbH and the current project status can be found under www.buergerwindpark-suedliche-ortenau.de.