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Green City AG has been successfully active in Italy since 2013 and is implementing numerous power plant projects in the field of hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics. With the founding of Green City Italia Srl in 2019, the Munich-based energy and transport transition company further expanded its presence in the field of renewable energies on the international market. Now the subsidiary is showing itself with a new digital face!

In addition to its headquarters in Munich and a branch in Toulouse, France, Bolzano is currently the third location where Green City AG has its own branch. Green City Italia Srl takes over the role of project developer and general contractor for energy projects in the project development and works closely with local partners. The company benefits from its long-standing knowledge of the market and the established network. The Italian market opens up many opportunities, for example in the field of solar energy: the construction of plants in Italy without feed-in tariffs is economically possible due to competitive electricity generation costs.

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