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Jobs with meaning and future prospects

Green City AG is a medium-sized company operating in the dynamic market environment of renewable energies. In order to be successful in the future, we are always looking for bright minds who strive for a career in a sustainable, future-oriented environment. You are a team player, like to come up with your own ideas and see the big picture. You work independently and enjoy taking on responsibility for your work. You are also interested in political and economic developments in the field of renewable energy, sustainability and the environment are important to you on a personal level.

Feel free to explore further vacancies at our French branch in Toulouse or our Italian branch in Treviso.

Who actually works at Green City - and why? Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes:

Die Green City AG wurde 2005 als Tochter der Umweltorganisation Green City e.V. gegründet. Rund 150 Kolleg*innen arbeiten an den Standorten München, Toulouse und Treviso und setzen sich deutschland-und europaweit für eine ressourcen-unabhängige und klimafreundliche Energieversorgung ein.

Was motiviert unsere Mitarbeiter*innen und was bedeutet es für sie Teil der Green City Familie zu sein?

Hier gibt’s einen kleinen Blick hinter die Kulissen:

#allefürsKlima, Foto: Sina Scherer/Green City AG
#allefürsKlima, Foto: Sina Scherer/Green City AG

The Application Process

In order to commit to a lasting employment relationship, you as an applicant need get to know us as a company as well as possible in advance and vice versa.

The application process usually takes 10 weeks from the time we receive your application to the confirmation of employment.

Once we have received your documents, you will be sent a confirmation.

Our human resources department as well as the respective team take the time to check your documents.

If you have sent us the most suitable application for the position, we will invite you for a personal interview within two to three weeks. This first interview is an opportunity to get to know each other and usually lasts 1 to 1 ½ hours. Participants are employees of the HR department and from the respective department.

You will receive feedback from us about the first interview and may be invited for a second interview.

In-depth questions and clarification of the contractual conditions during a discussion lasting around 1 to 1 ½ with the human resources department and the decision-maker from the specialist area concerned.

After a positive decision for a recruitment, we create the contract and the first working day can follow.

Frequently asked questions at a glance

In the following we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions of our applicants. We hope this is helpful.

Please note our application process; we will get back to you within the specified period.

We update our career page regularly. As long as the job offer can be found there, the application process for the position has not yet been completed and we look forward to receiving your application.

Please submit your application via e-mail in one PDF document to this e-mail address

Your application should consist of the following documents: Cover letter (maximum one page), curriculum vitae (including cover sheet maximum three pages), job references or interim reports from all relevant employers, university or training certificates. Please combine the documents into one document (PDF).

You are welcome to apply for more than one position. Please enter both job advertisements in the subject line. In this case, please explain in your cover letter how your competencies and experience fit the respective positions.

If you are convinced that your professional skills can contribute to the success of Green City, but you cannot find a suitable vacancy on the website, you are still welcome to send us your application. Please indicate the field you would like to work in in your cover letter and inform us about your previous experience as well as your expectations. We will then discuss the possibilities of your employment with the concerning departments.

We advertise internships, working student positions as well as positions for dissertations on our careers page. If no vacancies are advertised, we are currently unable to offer them due to limited capacities.

We do our best to provide you with comprehensive information about the vacancies in the respective job advertisement. In order to understand the recruitment process, you can read about the application process on our homepage. If you have any further questions, you can send us an e-mail or call the number below.

We happily keep your application for future vacancies. In this case we need a declaration that we are allowed to keep your documents due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please send us an e-mail for this purpose. You can revoke this declaration at any time.

Your personal data will be stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your details will be treated as strictly confidential. If we are unable to find a suitable position for your profile, we will delete all data upon rejection of the application and after expiry of the statutory retention period.

What we offer our employees

Sustainability is important to us in our HR policy as well. We actively strive for an enriching employment relationship for our employees.

Open communication and flat hierarchies

Our boards and executives are not behind closed doors, but are responsive to their colleagues. Green City organizes regular information events for employees, such as the biweekly internal information event “Good Morning”, where our board members take turns reporting on news from all areas and the “Lunch & Learn”. At this internal information event, employees present their areas or special projects.

Every month, we send a personnel memo from the HR department, which informs about new additions and structural changes, so that our employees can adapt to changes. All job advertisements are initially advertised internally.

We try to give honest and appreciative feedback. All in all, mistakes are dealt with constructively, as they are human and an opportunity to learn.

Cooperative, friendly working environment

At Green City, we dozens – no exceptions are made here, from the intern to the board.

The interaction among the colleagues is friendly and goes for many beyond the mere college, which is reflected in many partly privately organized evening and weekend activities.

“Energy United”, our company football team, meets every Monday. In addition, there is a leisure distributor through which colleagues can optionally arrange for leisure activities.

In summer, colleagues like to use the roof terrace of the orange bar for social gatherings for lunch or to drink (ice) coffee.

Flexible working hours

Working hours for all our employees are trust based. Depending on the area of responsibility, we offer our employees individual part-time models, the possibility to work in the home office as well as time off in the form of unpaid leave.

Training of our employees

For our new colleagues, the Green City Guide to Better Orientation with all important information is available. Every new employee is welcomed at an introductory event by the HR department and introduced to the company. Afterwards, the new employees will be presented to the college in person during the presentation round through the offices. In addition, there will be an introduction to the company by a member of the Management Board. Through the godfather program, every employee is provided with a godfather or godmother from another specialist department.

Sustainable human resource development

During the year, performance reviews are held regularly in which goals are agreed on and the individual employee’s development is kept in check. Employees’ performance is supported by on-the-job and external trainings.

By participating in in-house training courses, employees can train themselves according to individual needs. For example, in communication seminars, seminars on self-organization, basic business knowledge, in the German course for all foreign employees, at team building events and coaching by external coaches.

Green City offers three development paths:

  1. Professional development opportunities from junior to senior. Internal job changes are possible – even encouraged. Internal job changes are possible – even encouraged.
  2. Possibility to develop towards the project manager. We are a matrix organisation in which many tasks are carried out within the framework of projects, which is the reason why there is a great need for project managers.
  3. Development into a manager.

Monetary subsidies

Green City attaches particular importance to occupational retirement provision with sustainable investments and offers its employees an above-average employer grant. In addition, Green City provides childcare or travel grants if necessary.

Modern working environment
Our head office in Munich is located in Zirkus-Krone-Straße, in a very central location in the middle of Munich. Our bright, open, modern offices, including rest rooms and meeting rooms of various sizes, are located on one floor. One floor above us is the orange bar and the impressive roof terrace with a panoramic view of Munich and the Alps to the south.

Our employees are basically equipped with modern working technology and additionally supplied with laptops, mobile phones, tablets and headsets as required. Free Wifi is also available to our employees in the offices.


The well-being of our employees is important to us and therefore we offer weekly courses for yoga and back gymnastics for our employees. On top of that we provide free food in the form of drinks and organic fruit. Twice a month Green City subsidizes the “City Canteen”, where all Green City family members can meet for a tasty and healthy organic lunch.

A high-quality Italian coffee machine is available, providing cappuccinos, espressos and latte macchiatos. All types of milk are available for free. Green City provides catering at the employee festivals. Here, too, we use regional suppliers, most of whom have an organic certification.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In addition to our already sustainable business model, we attach great importance to promoting positive change in society. As part of our Corporate Volunteering program, Green City offers a program to honor volunteer work at events organized by the Green City family and individual commitment that fits in with our open and tolerant worldview, especially refugee work.

Contact us:

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Human Resources Officer

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Andrea Vallejo

Human Resources Officer for working students and interns

089 890668-800

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