Green City Power's Energy Mix

Our green energy makes an impact

We purchase electricity exclusively via direct supply contracts with the plant operator. This form of so-called other direct marketing integrates renewable energy systems into the market and makes them independent of statutory subsidies.

The electricity supplied to you comes 100% from renewable and environmentally friendly wind and water power from Germany.




Our electricity is sourced regionally

It comes from two own wind farms in the federal states of Bavaria and Saarland as well as from three Bavarian hydropower plants of VERBUND. This means that the energy mix of GREEN CITY POWER consists of 100% renewable energies.


Green City AG promotes a shift in energy generation

Together with our customers, Green City consistently and transparently expands generation capacities, promotes a shift in energy generation in the hands of citizens and advocates the necessary flexibilization and restructuring of the energy system (“sector coupling”).

Decide for yourself what proportion of “direct electricity” from our power plants you would like to purchase. By switching to Green City, you become a part of the entire renewable energy value chain in the hands of citizens.