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Green City Experience

Green City EXPERIENCE accelerates the shift towards ecofriendly mobility systems and sustainable urban development. As change experts, our interdisciplinary Green City EXPERIENCE team of 30 people supports local authorities and companies in navigating complex change processes.


technical concepts

in the areas of sustainable cities, mobility, energy and climate change


Community participation projects


Campaign and event days

per year (in total up to 700,000 participants)

Our competencies

Change Management & Governance

We accelerate change. The focus of our work is planning projects and managing complex transformation projects in the field of mobility and urban development. We help initiating and setting up new projects – and manage their successful implementation.

Strategy & Concept

We see the big picture. In cooperation with our clients, we develop strategies and concepts to accelerate change in the areas of mobility and urban development.

Participation & Dialogue

We create connections. Mutual dialogue leads to joint solutions with promising prospects. We “translate” between different disciplines and opinions, perspectives and structures as well as between businesses, politics, administrations, NGOs and citizens’ interests.

Research & Innovation

Wir want to see change. The world around us is constantly changing. New developments raise many questions about effects and interdependencies. We research and investigate current developments, develop and test innovative creative solutions, products and services.

Activation & Communication

We inspire. In order to make our living and economic spaces ready for the future in the face of climate change and urbanisation, we must reach out to people on an emotional level. We create experiences, encourage people to rethink and motivate through targeted communication, visions, campaigns and attractive events.

Our interdisciplinary team creates an integrated perspective.

What distinguishes Green City EXPERIENCE is our comprehensive approach and interdisciplinary team. With a wide variety of skills and technical backgrounds, we think about individual solutions for projects and drive them forward at various levels. In doing so, we always have our finger on the pulse of time, work with passion and look forward to every new challenge.

Change Management

  • Network coordination
  • Stakeholder and cooperation management
  • Change management
  • Innovation management
  • Consultation
  • Mobility concepts
  • Studies, Guides & Manuals
  • Implementation-oriented road maps
  • Capacity building & empowerment
  • Training & coaching
  • Lectures & expert input
  • Surveys, Analyses & Evaluations
  • Accompanying scientific research
  • Participative product development
  • Innovation research / methods
  • Project & process management
  • Target group analyses and participation concepts
  • Workshops and “walkshops”
  • Online participations
  • Dialogue modules in public spaces
  • Low threshold formats
  • Moderation


  • Large-scale public events
  • Sustainable events
  • (Bicycle) Tours
  • Installations
  • Conception and implementation
  • Rental and production of event modules
  • Brand and communication strategy
  • Campaigns
  • Roadshows
  • Design
  • Classical media
  • Content & Editorial work
  • PR & Social Media
  • Online marketing
Your contact

Rauno Andreas Fuchs

Head of Experience & Drive

089 890668-600