Fuchsstadt: Work in progress!

The 10-H regulation has almost completely stopped the expansion of wind power in Bavaria. Just eight new wind turbines have been built throughout the Free State in 2020 – far too few in view of our climate targets. Green City AG is all the more proud that three of the wind turbines in the Bavarian region will be built through our initiative.

The foundations were already cast in the first half of the year, then there was a delay due to the insolvency of the wind turbine manufacturer Senvion. Green City AG project manager Patrick Ecker: “In the end, the delay has positive aspects: the feed-in remuneration was higher and the new Nordex brand wind turbines have more power at a similar size (164 metres). The Senvion wind turbines had a rotor diameter of 144 meters and an output of 3.7 megawatts, now it is 149 meters rotor diameter and a maximum of 4.5 megawatts of power.”

And where do we go from here? “The first concrete tower is already standing, and construction of the second was started this week. At the beginning of September, Nordex will build a larger crane so that the upper tower halves, nacenion and rotor blades can be mounted. The wind farm should be ready in November,” says Patrick Ecker. Green City AG is pleased about the opportunity to set a big (exclamation) mark for the energy transition in Bavaria with Fuchsstadt. And with the up to five wind turbines that are to be built in the Ebersberger Forst, the next major wind power project of ours in Bavaria is already in the starting blocks.