Fully placed: Green City Solarpark 2020

Together, we have made history with Green City’s 20th solar capital product. In less than 12 hours, the Green City Solar Park 2020 was fully placed.

The public offer is over! We no longer accept drawings. Thank you for your trust and commitment – you are now a climate savior!

Solar pioneers since 1999

Green City recognized the enormous potential of solar energy early on. With our new financial product “Green City Solarpark 2020” we are now returning to our roots. Our compact and concentrated impact for climate protection!

From the rooftops of Munich into the world. Our solar success story began in 1999 with the world’s largest civic participation facility. Together with 136 investors from the very beginning, we have helped to revolutionize our energy supply and to pioneer the financial product world.

Since then, we have implemented 282 solar power plants throughout Europe and launched 19 financial products in the solar sector – so investors were able to participate and benefit from the energy transition. With the “Green City Solar Park 2020” we reach an anniversary and celebrate our 20th solar capital product!

Solar, our strength.