Green City AG Acquires Solar Hybrid Power Plant in Corsica

Green City AG has taken over a very special project from the French supplier Klara Energy after intensive negotiations: It is a 1 MW solar plant mounted on newly built greenhouses in connection with a 1.8 MWh storage system on the island of Corsica. This acquisition into a hybrid solar storage power plant marks a new era for renewable energy projects for the demand-oriented supply of clean electricity.

The solar plant has been installed on greenhouses built for this purpose and is located about 7 km from Bastia airport, in the Borgo region in the north-east of Corsica. Due to the high irradiation values, this area has very good conditions for the operation of solar plants. The project was awarded by the French energy regulatory authority in a special tender for the so-called NIZ (non-interconnected zones). These are areas that are not directly connected to the public mainland electricity grid, for example for geographical reasons.

Klara Energy, a specialist in photovoltaics, was awarded the contract and implemented this agro-photovoltaic plant in conjunction with a 1.8 MWh storage system. A special energy management system optimises the feed-in of the generated energy into the grid and stabilises the Corsican electricity network. The project is being financed by the French bank “Crédit du Nord.”


Milestone in the Mediterranean

“This is a real turning point in the design and construction of new solar plants. We will have to think differently in the future: Away from the previous logic generation and feed-in to the grid, towards a managed and demand-oriented feed-in by combining generation plants with electricity storage facilities. Even if this project still has very interesting feed-in tariffs – especially in the evening and night hours – such hybrid power plants are the blueprint for future projects,” says Jürgen Leinmüller, Managing Director of Green City Energy France SARL. The construction phase of the “Monte Cinto” solar hybrid power plant has been completed and test operations are currently underway. The official commissioning is scheduled for September. Around 310 households can then be supplied with clean solar electricity.

The “Monte Cinto” solar park is part of the Green City fixed-interest bond “Kraftwerkpark III”, which finances selected wind, water and solar power plants in Europe. The basic idea behind Kraftwerkspark III is based on the conviction that the energy turnaround can only succeed through the consistent expansion of renewable energies. Over 2,200 investors and institutional investors have invested 51,332,000 euros in the capital product, which has been closed since 13 March 2019. Currently, Green City AG offers with the Solar Impulse Bond an investment opportunity in a portfolio of solar power plants in Europe.