Green City AG publishes current account balance 2019

Green City AG regularly informs about the performance of the investments it initiates. To this end, the company publishes a current account for the closed-end funds as well as the issued shares, bonds and profit participation rights. As of the reporting date of December 31, 2019, Green City made distributions and interest payments totaling around EUR 49 million to investors.

Current account Closed-end funds

Green City AG currently manages 23 closed-end mutual funds. Since 2003, almost 3,000 investors with a total equity of 54 million euros have triggered investments in renewable energies amounting to 150 million euros. Cumulatively as of 31.12.2019, more than EUR 21 million was distributed from these investments to the limited partners. “The funds that are invested in PV systems are almost always the performers. The funds invested in wind and water are still lagging behind the forecast. When it comes to water, we notice climate change most clearly,” says Kathrin Enzinger, Head of Finance.

More information on the current account balance of closed-end funds can be found here.

In addition to the closed-end funds, Green City AG also provides an overview of its investments for corporate financing and financing of the investment portfolio. Cumulatively, interest payments of EUR 28 million were made for the interest-bearing investments by the end of 2019. The issued environmental profit participation rights I-IV with a total volume of EUR 12 million have already been repaid to investors as forecast.

I-III Power Plant Park

In 2011, Green City started with the concept of power plant parks and the construction of a regenerative power plant pool in several energy types and European countries.

The power plant parks II and III with a bond volume of total. According to forecasts, EUR 101 million paid interest totalling EUR 18.5 million to its investors by the end of 2019. The project portfolio of Kraftwerkspark I is currently being sold in order to repay investors the profit participation rights of KWP I ahead of schedule in 2020.

Solar pulse I

The Solar Impulse I Bond, launched at the end of 2017, invests in various solar projects in selected European markets. As forecast, the bond paid out interest of almost EUR 700,000 for the first time as of 30.09.2019.


After the successful crowd investment together with Electric Mobility Concepts GmbH, emmy for short, investors were able to benefit from their investment for the first time in 2019: Around 45,000 euros were paid out at the beginning of July. With a placement level of almost 1.2 million euros, the public offer of the crowd investment in the electric scooters ended at the beginning of May 2019. This is one of the largest crowdfunding operations in the mobility sector in Germany. The “Green City Smart Mobility I” profit participation certificate, which has been open for subscription since spring 2019, enables investors to invest in the growth market of scooter sharing and to continue the success story of emmy at the federal level. The capital already invested amounts to around EUR 1.4 million.

More information about the current account stocks, bonds, profit rights can be found here.