Green City AG sells project rights for 4.2 MWp solar park

As part of Green City AG’s preliminary insolvency proceedings, the numerous assets in the company’s large project pipeline are also being examined. The restructuring is intended to pave the way for the entry of an investor. This includes the sale of certain projects, including the Brück-Linthe solar park in eastern Germany, which is expected to receive planning permission before the end of this year and can then be built. There is very great interest in project rights for wind and solar power plants against the backdrop of the market ramp-up of renewable energies that is now beginning; the market environment is attractive. With the sale of the project rights of the Brück-Linthe solar park, Green City AG is generating proceeds that will help to successfully master the transition phase to a new owner.

Since 2020, Green City AG has been developing a solar park with an output of around 4.2 MWp in the Potsdam-Mittelmark district of Brandenburg. The land south of the Beelitzer Heide, which was originally used for intensive agriculture, is located in the 110-metre buffer along the A9 motorway promoted by the EEG and is therefore ideally suited for the construction of an open-space PV plant. Originally, Green City AG wanted to realise this project itself; now the project rights have been sold to an investor. The project on the 3.62-hectare site next to the “Alt Bork” industrial estate is already very far advanced in project development, and construction is scheduled to begin before the end of 2022.

The idea behind the project was to remove the agricultural land from intensive use and to renaturalise it and use it for energy. Under the elevated module tables, cultivation is possible with classic mowing machines, but also with sheep grazing. Flowering meadows can be planted in the marginal zones, thereby further increasing the ecological value, so that the surrounding agricultural fields benefit from the increased biodiversity. The use of marginal strips along motorways and railway lines for energy generation through solar power plants is an important building block for the success of the decentralised energy transition.