Green City Investment: emmy Expands to Vienna

The scooter-sharing provider “emmy” is implementing its expansion plans: Vienna is the first city outside of Germany where the red electric scooters are now available. Another milestone for the Green City investment.

As a strategic partner and investor, the Munich-based energy and mobility company has already enabled the expansion of the electric scooter fleet in Munich in 2018 with the then largest crowd funding campaign in the mobility sector. And the demand is high: over 250,000 customers are using the 2,000 electric scooters in four German cities and now also in the Austrian capital. 50 new electric scooters will be used in Vienna for now. Next year, the fleet will be expanded further.

“We are the market leader in Germany and now want to expand our presence to Austria and Switzerland as well,” says emmy co-founder Valerian Seither. “We see a huge potential in Vienna and we are really happy to now be able to offer our scooters in Austria.” As part of the market entry in Vienna, the German start-up also takes over the sharing division of goUrban. Green City board member Jens Mühlhaus is pleased: “People want a shift in mobility! The fact that we, as a financing partner, can drive forward emmy’s expansion plans and thus actively contribute to them, makes us very happy and also clearly shows that we have had our finger on the pulse of time when committing to the mobility sector.”

Participate in the growth of emmy with “Smart Mobility I”

Green City does not only believe in emmy, but also in a strong growth of the sharing market in general. The global market volume is predicted to exceed 600 billion euros by 2025. With the participation certificate “Smart Mobility I”, Green City AG offers the opportunity to profit from the growth of the scooter sharing provider emmy. Green City Smart Mobility I GmbH will invest the capital generated from the profit participation certificate in an entrepreneurial investment in emmy. This enables the sharing provider to expand the existing scooter fleet and to make them available in more European cities. “The timing to invest in this market is absolutely ideal: emmy has set the course this year and now it’s time to consistently continue the expansion plans for 2020,” explains Green City CEO Jens Mühlhaus.

With the profit participation certificate, Green City is opening up the market segment of electric mobility to non-institutional investors. An investment is already possible starting from 1000 euros. More than 260 investors have so far invested a volume of around 1.3 million euros. With a term of 5 years, the Smart Mobility security offers investors a final performance-related repayment of the invested capital at the nominal amount as well as, according to the prognosis, a final performance-related remuneration of 35% (corresponds to approx. 7% p.a.) plus a further profit participation in the event of corresponding business development.

Picture credits: Green City AG/ Sina Scherer


Legal Notice:
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