Green City is Awarded Contract for Wind Farm in the Saarland Region

Green City AG has recently been awarded the contract for the construction of two wind turbines in the Saarland district of Merzig-Wadern in the wind energy tender of the Bundesnetzagendtur (Federal Network Agency). A total of 32 bids received a positive decision, the total bid volume was 208 MW. Green City’s wind farm “Auf dem Bachemer Berg” will have a total capacity of 8.4 MW and will be able to supply approx. 6,800 households with clean electricity in the future.

The two Green City wind turbines are located on a hill of almost 400m – the Bachemer Berg. These are exclusively agricultural areas surrounded by forest. A reservation of the grid capacity has already been made for the feed-in capacity of 4.2 MW twice each. The total height of the two Vestas V150 turbines will be 241 m. They will soon save about 16,000t CO2 per year. The commissioning of the wind farm “Auf dem Bachemer Berg” is planned for summer 2021.

Change of course is necessary

The award of the contract is a positive signal for the Munich-based energy and transport company: “In a year in which the entire wind industry is experiencing its lowest rate of expansion since 2000, we are very pleased about every wind turbine that is approved,” says Green City CEO Jens Mühlhaus. “Overall, however, a change of course is urgently needed: How is the goal of the coalition agreement to increase the share of renewable energies to 65 percent by 2030 to be achieved if the political landscape hinders the construction of renewables? Germany’s climate targets cannot be achieved without wind energy!” To achieve this, Mühlhaus continued, it is necessary to remove bureaucratic hurdles and enable a rapid expansion of wind energy.

Did you know? The campaign #windforfuture calls on politicians for a change of course reguarding the wind industry. On a website, various supporters of the German wind industry call on federal and state politicians to introduce favourable framework conditions to accelerate the expansion of wind energy. Green City is also setting an example and calling for the construction of new wind turbines on the campaign website.

You too can help and support #windforfuture!

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