Green City plans wind farm in Hesse

In cooperation with Koehler Renewable Energy GmbH, Green City is planning two new wind turbines in Hesse. The Höhlerberg wind farm is to be built between the municipalities of Pohlheim, Fernwald and Lich, and will provide clean green electricity with a nominal output of 5.7 MW per plant.

The areas are located in a priority area for wind power. A corresponding application under the Federal Immission Protection Act was submitted to the Giessen Regional Council at the beginning of May.

Nordex n163 turbines are planned for the wind farm. The number 163 stands for the rotor diameter, whereby a rotor blade measures a length of 81.5 m. According to project manager Martin Demmeler, the N 163 is very suitable for this specific location, as it delivers good yields even in low winds. Due to the slower rotation, the plants appear generally quieter than smaller systems.

With a total height of around 246 metres and a nab height of 164 m, about 14,000,000 kWh per year can be generated at the Höhlerberg, which means that 10,0000 inhabitants can be supplied with household electricity with a gross plant per year.

Green City, together with the State Energy Agency Hessen and in compliance with corona-related requirements, offers citizens’ consultation hours at the end of July in order to listen to and involve the interested citizens on the spot.