Green City Power implements Munich's first public charging station with Giro-e

The subject of e-mobility has become a topic in the historic Kraemer’sche Kunstmühle in Munich: Green City Power now operates a charging station at the site. The owner family is thus now offering its tenants and customers the opportunity to purchase green electricity for vehicles.

In addition to the classic roaming system, in which electricity can be recharged using various charging cards, the charging station at the Kraemer’sche Kunstmühle is the first public charging station in Munich to feature the Giro-e, a barrier-free payment system developed by GLS Bank. Charging stations equipped with this system can be charged with contactless EC cards from any German bank. Around 50 million of these EC cards are currently in circulation in Germany. The advantages of the system are that neither pre-notification nor pre-registration is required. Moreover, Giro-e works without a smartphone app and is therefore not dependent on mobile phone service.

The public AC charging station on private land has two connections and is equipped with a charging capacity of 22 kW. While the Stuttgart-based company Eliso is responsible for the technical side of things, Green City is in charge of financing and the commercial management. This is a first for the Munich based company. “The reason for our involvement in this project is quite simple,” explains Green City Project Manager Sebastian Pertl. “The charging station perfectly combines our business divisions of power and mobility and we could not have wished for a better partner than the Kraemer family! By providing our electricity, we would like to promote alternative mobility solutions here.”

Clean Green City electricity from renewable sources can now be obtained at the historic Kunstmühle. Photo: Green City AG
Green City electricity from renewable sources can now be obtained at the historic Kunstmühle. Photo: Green City AG

Charging station in nature

The location in the Munich district of Untergiesing is at least as exceptional as the Kunstmühle itself: The industrial building is located in the middle of a nature conservation area on an island between Auer Mühlbach and Kunstmühlenbach. For 144 years up to the year 2007, the building serves as a grain mill. Over the years the owner family has renovated the building carefully and above all sustainably. Thanks to modern architecture, the mill on its 5,000 square meters houses offices for creative businesses, a day care centre for children, a bistro and a coffee roasteing work shop while meeting high ecological standards.

Reason enough for owner Markus Kraemer to go one step further: “I drive an electric car myself and promoting e-mobility is important to me. Offering our customers, tenants and neighbours a public charging station on private ground with electricity from renewable sources was therefore the next logical step in promoting a shift in mobility.” The construction of charging stations is an important part of this process. In this specific case, the Kraemer family provides two parking spaces for the charging station to Green City. The integration of the charging station thus not only underlines the sustainability concept of the Kraemer’sche Kunstmühle, but also demonstrates how tradition and innovation can be combined.

The charging station allows for contactless payment. Photo: Green City AG
The Green City charging station is the first one in Munich where barrier-free payment with Giro-e is possible. Photo: Green City AG