Green City pushes ahead with the expansion of solar energy in Saxony!

In the coalition agreement, the new federal government has announced a solar expansion offensive according to which PV capacities are to be expanded to 200 gigawatts by 2030. Green City is already getting started: Together with Leipziger Stadtwerke, two solar parks with a total output of around 17 MWp were built in Schönfeld and Priestewitz.

In the municipality of Schönfeld, 35 km northwest of Dresden, we built a solar park with a capacity of 3.1 MWp on an area of 2.8 ha in November this year. The photovoltaic system, which is raised to the south, will produce around 3.2 million kWh of clean energy annually. As a result, more than 900 households can be supplied with green electricity. For the final connection of the solar park to the local power grid, the necessary transformer is still missing. Its installation will not be possible until January 2022 due to global supply bottlenecks.

The solar park in Schönfeld was created by a joint initiative of Leipziger Stadtwerke and Green City AG. “We have concluded a long-term electricity supply contract with Leipziger Stadtwerke so that even more locally generated solar power will be integrated into their electricity mix,” says Frank Polhaus, project manager at Green City AG.

For the two project partners, this is only the beginning of a joint investment offensive in Saxon solar parks. Another PV project in the neighbouring community of Priestewitz has also already begun construction of a large solar project. It is the first hybrid power plant of the partners, which consists of a solar park with an installed capacity of 13.65 MWp and a stationary battery storage. The electricity storage system makes it technically possible to relieve the load on the power grids and thus integrate climate-friendly renewable energies in a system-friendly manner.

In addition to the hybrid system concept, the remuneration structure of the solar park is also a driving force. This consists of a regular EEG remuneration and an associated electricity supply contract, which was also concluded with Leipziger Stadtwerke. In addition, a further electricity supply contract for unsubsidised green electricity was concluded with the same customer for part of the electricity volume.

Green City and Leipziger Stadtwerke are thus providing an important impetus for future PV developments, which will not only relieve the power grid, but also the EEG surcharge and thus consumers.