Green City receives building permit for solar park in Italy

Green City AG is accelerating the expansion of renewable energies in other European countries: After 17 labor-intensive months in project development, the building permit for a solar park in Marrubiu on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia was granted on September 13. The solar power plant has a peak output of 8.72 MWp and will be the first solar park approved in Italy by the Munich-based energy transition company. Until now, Green City had mainly focused on small hydropower plants in the Italian Alpine region and a wind farm in Piedmont.

View of the area in front of the development
View of the area in front of the development

The Marrubiu solar park marked the start of Green City AG’s project pipeline in Italy, which comprises more than one hundred MW. Numerous other approval procedures for solar parks in the megawatt class are currently in progress.

The Marrubiu solar park is to supply 12.3 MWh of green electricity in the future – that is 40% more solar yield per kilowatt peak than in Germany, because in sun-drenched Italy, the calculated yield values are significantly higher. The entire area is 6.6 hectares; around two-thirds of these will be built with 21,280 modules. These have an east-west orientation in Marrubiu. With this design, no shading distance has to be taken into account and the module surface can thus be optimized. In this way, the greatest possible electricity yield is achieved in relation to the area.

A look into the future: Photo simulation of the built-up area

View of the area after the development
Solar park Marrubiu: View of the area after the development

Markus Vogel, Managing Director of Green City Italia, and his team have been concentrating on the next steps for the realization since the approval: “The start of construction is planned for July 2022. Suppliers have already been requested or commissioned for this purpose. In addition, we are currently participating in a tariff auction in order to obtain an increased feed-in tariff.”

In Italy, ground-mounted PV systems that are not built on agricultural land are allowed to participate in a tariff auction. Green City is entitled to participate, as the designated area is located in an industrial area, which is intended for the settlement of commercial or PV systems. The results for the tariff auction are expected at the end of January.

4.5 hectares for the production of green electricity - the future solar park Marrubiu before and after the development from different perspectives

Photocredit Green City AG