Green City will make repayments, distributions and interest payments in half of 2021

Green City regularly informs about payments to investors of the investments it initiates. In addition to the anniversary bond, these include Kraftwerkspark III and the emmy crowd investment. As of the reporting date of June 30, 2021, the company made repayments, distributions and interest payments of more than EUR 10 million to investors.

Scheduled repayment of the anniversary bond – Tranche A

In 2015, Green City issued the anniversary bond for its 10th anniversary. With an issue volume of EUR 10 million, the corporate financing is designed as a bearer bond. 6 million euros from Tranche A were returned to the 554 investors on 30.6.2021 as planned. In addition to the repayment, the investors also received the last interest payment of Tranche A over 4 percent in the amount of 220,000 euros. The investors of Tranche B with a term until 2026 were forecast to receive their interest payments of 5 percent in the amount of 200,000 euros.

Interest payment Kraftwerkspark III

With a placement level of EUR 51.3 million, the public offer of the fixed interest bonds “Kraftwerkspark III” of Green City Energy Kraftwerkspark III GmbH & Co. KG, a 100% subsidiary of Green City AG, ended in March 2019. Since the start of sales in 2016, around 2,200 investors have invested in tranches A to C, thus pushing ahead with the expansion of a renewable power plant pool in Germany, Italy and France. For the three instalments, the contract was opened on 30.6. paid the sum of 2.1 million euros in interest to investors. The bonds are listed on the stock exchange. Fluctuating prices have no effect on interest and repayments. Interest is calculated and paid out on the basis of the nominal value.

Distributions of closed-end funds

Distributions for the previous financial year 2020 were made for 5 of the 23 closed-end mutual funds. The total amount of disbursements in the first half of 2021 amounts to just under one million euros.

First repayment for emmy crowd investors

After the successful crowd investment together with Electric Mobility Concept GmbH, emmy for short, investors were once again able to benefit from their investment: Almost 50,000 euros were paid out in interest this year. 354,525 euros of the crowd investment – 30 percent of the capital raised – were repaid as planned on 30 June.


A current excerpt from the current account can be found here.