Green electricity in check: Green City Power is there

Which green electricity is really sustainable? That’s what The WirschaftsWoche wanted to know. In its ranking “The best green electricity providers in comparison”, it shows when really green energy comes from the socket. Of course: Green City Power!

For the ranking, the Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI) compared the green electricity tariffs of 132 nationwide active providers. Only the providers whose electricity comes 100% from renewable energies came into the ranking. In the end, there were 38 providers. 19 of them were reported as particularly sustainable because they also met the requirements of further green electricity specifications. Among other criteria, this seal requires, among other things, the promotion of the expansion of renewable energies in order to ensure that the electricity customer is actively involved in the energy transition. Green City Power also meets these requirements: In 2019, Green City passed Robin Wood’s green electricity test.

If you want to actively support the a shift in energy generation and purchase clean electricity, you will find our green electricity tariffs here.

Green City has been selling real green electricity from 100% renewable energies since 2017 and has been fighting for the energy transition for more than 15 years.

Image: Pexels, Anete Lusina