It's the mix: Positive Solar- und Windresults for 2019

2019 wurden in Deutschland 513 Milliarden Kilowattstunden (kWh) Strom erzeugt, 5% weniger als im Vorjahr. The positive thing is that the share of solar, wind and other renewable sources in the coverage of electricity consumption is steadily increasing. Renewable energy sources delivered with 236 billion kWh, almost half (46) of the electricity generated in Germany. This is an increase of 13 compared to the previous year. The plants of Green City AG also contributed to this.

The list of electricity shares makes one thing clear: even if 2019 was anything but a good year for the wind industry, wind plays the decisive role in the electricity mix. With a total share of 24.5 and 126 terrawatt hours (TWh), wind power has displaced lignite from first place with 102 TWh. The main reasons for this were the good wind conditions in the past year and not the addition of new turbines.

Green City’s wind turbines also recorded an increase of around 10 in 2019 compared to the previous year. Die zehn Windparks produzierten eine Gesamtleistung von insgesamt rund 218 Mio. kWh. “We have achieved a lot with the EEG over the past 20 years, much more than was predicted by the most audacious optimists,” said Green City CEO Jens Mühlhaus. “We now expect a clear commitment from the Federal Government, from the Länder and also from investors and industry to a strong and rapid expansion of renewable energies. Our project pipeline is full, we are waiting together with many landowners and municipalities for rules of the game that allow for a quick implementation”.

Second place for solar energy

With 46 TWh of electricity, solar energy ranks second in renewable energy. Green City AG was able to record its successful re-entry into the German PV market last year and put a plant in the Upper Palatinate with an output of 950 kWp into operation at the end of the year. “The development of solar energy in Germany is absolutely pleasing,” says Jens Mühlhaus. “But we need to …”

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