La Chapelle: First hydroelectric power plant with hydroelectric snails from Green City

The Hydroelectric Power Station La Chapelle / Villognon is the first hydroelectric power plant with hydroelectric snails. It is one of the small hydropower plants offered by Green City under the title “Hydropower Fund France” as an ecological investment.

• Commissioning: 10/2013
• Drop height: 2 m
• Power: 0.4 MW
• Annual production: 1,600 MWh

The La Chapelle project consists of two power stations, both located on the Charente, about eight kilometres apart. Both power plants have existed as mills since the 11th century, first used for grain production and later for oil and paper production. In Addition to the existing turbine, two water screws were used in La Chapelle and three hydropower screws were newly installed in Villognon.