Merzig: A breath of fresh air for the energy transition

The Merzig wind farm will consist of two “Vestas V150” wind turbines, which will be built around 40km northwest of Saarbrücken near the French border in Saarland. Due to its tower height of 166m and a rotor diameter of 150m and its north-south orientation, the Vestas V150 turbine type can exploit the optimum wind flow. With its total height of 241m, almost 6,800 households are expected to be supplied with electricity.

  • Commissioning: Beginning of 2022
  • Attachments: Vestas V150
  • Capacity: 4.2 MW each, total 8.4 MW
  • Annual production: 19,044,099 kWh (forecast)

The acquisition, construction and operation of the Merzig wind farm will be financed by the “Green City Wind Farm 2021”.