Merzig Wind Farm: A breath of fresh air for the energy transition!

Germany’s climate targets will only be achieved with the massive expansion of renewable energies. Wind power plays the key role here and has the greatest impact among renewables, ahead of solar and hydropower. The expansion of onshore wind power increased by 59% worldwide last %. Only in Germany – formerly a pioneer – did it stagnate. That cannot and must not be!

That’s why we at Green City are currently building two wind turbines in Merzig, Saarland, among other places. The foundations for the 246-metre-high wind turbines are currently being poured. The plants are to be put into operation by December. What is currently happening on the construction site and how it will continue can be found in our small film contribution:

To the location
Merzig is a small, but in terms of climate protection very large community in the Saarland. More than half of the electricity consumed there is already produced ecologically on site, including by wind and sun. And now two new wind turbines are being added!

The Status Quo
Green City is installing two wind turbines on the Bachemer Berg. Construction has already begun, the foundations are currently being poured. The construction of the two towers is planned for the autumn, and commissioning is then scheduled for December 2021.

The facts
Both locations have a north-south orientation and thus an optimal wind flow. Two Vestas plants with a total output of 8.4 megawatts and a total height of 241 m will be able to supply around 6,800 additional households with clean electricity in the future.

More information can be found here!