#Netzstreik For the climate

Also this Friday, the Green City family is participating in the global call for more climate justice as part of the Fridays for Future movement. Under the hashtags *Netzstreik Fürs Klima* and *Fight Every Crisis* we demonstrate with climate activists all over the world, if not on the streets, then with signs and posters digitally on the net.

While we deal with the consequences of one crisis and rightly focus on health and solidarity, it becomes clear how important active action is in the current climate crisis. Greenhouse gas emissions are declining, nature is given a breathing space. We look back on 5 years of the Paris Climate Agreement and remind you not to lose sight of the goals set. We see an opportunity in the crisis and, together with FridaysForFuture, we are taking a stand at the forefront. Green City board member Jens Mühlhaus is also part of the *Net Strike For the Climate*: “We fight every crisis!”

#NetzstreikFürsKlima Jens Mühlhaus Ceo Green City AG Photo: Green City AG

We bring the protest from the street to the net – we place our demo signs visibly in windows, on mailboxes, at the workplace, in the tree in front of the front door, in the shop entrance or where else it is clearly visible!