New scooters, larger business area: emmy expands in Munich

Munich, May 4, 2021 – For several years, the red emmy scooters on Munich’s streets have become an integral part of the cityscape. Over 65,000 customers have registered in total in the last four years and have covered a total of almost 4 million kilometres. For Green City AG as a strategic partner and investor, this is a clear sign of the sharing business model. Now there are some innovations for scooter users in the Bavarian capital.

The Munich fleet will be increased by 75% to 700 scooters. These 700 new electric scooters are the G5 model from Yadea. The scooters can still accommodate two people and are accordingly equipped with two helmets. In addition, this scooter model is also equipped with removable batteries, which have a higher range than the previous model and thus reduce the workload of emmy. However, the 400 Govecs swallows that were previously used in Munich have by no means run out of steam: in order to avoid a mixed fleet, these scooters are brought to Berlin and supplement the fleet operation there.

The increase in the roller fleet also allows for a significant expansion of the business area in Munich by almost 50% to more than 60 km2. This makes both the Olympic Park and the English Garden even more accessible. emmy customers can now also drive in Sendling, Pasing or Bogenhausen and in the north even to the Frankfurter Ring. “The significant expansion of the business area was very important to us, because this was the most expressed customer request. Now we are very much looking forward to the upcoming season,” says emmy Managing Director Valerian Seither.


emmy launch, Photo: Wunder Mobility

As for many other companies in the mobility industry, the Coronapandemie was also a major challenge for the Berlin start-up and had led to a massive drop in sales. The consequences of this are still very noticeable, but a number of strategic decisions have been able to overcome the impact and emmy consistently pursues the goal of expanding its market leadership in the German-speaking region with the expansion of the fleet.

As early as 2018, Green City had already enabled the expansion of the electric scooter fleet in Munich with the largest crowd financing in the German mobility sector to date and also believed in strong growth in the sharing market. With the “Smart Mobility I” voucher, Green City AG also offered non-institutional investors the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the roller-sharing provider emmy.


Header: Wunder Mobility