Pellerina: Small hydroelectric power plant integrated into Turin's city park

Pellerina Is a small hydroelectric power station located in Turin, on the Dora Riparia River in the Piedmont region of Italy. Like the Prater kraftwerk in Munich, the small hydroelectric power plant is located in the middle of the city and, once completed, is barely visible in the stadtpark. The Kaplan turbine used runs at a maximum output of 600 kW. The projected production is around 3.2 million kWh.

The Pellerina hydroelectric power plant, together with the Carpianello hydroelectric power plant, is to be integrated into the fixed-income bonds of The Power Plant Park II as investment objects of the planned third investment step.

  • Commissioning: 03/2015
  • Drop height: 6 m
  • Power: 0.6 MW
  • Annual production: 3,200 MWh