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Green City POWER is your energy supplier providing 100 percent green energy and more – we are promoting actual sustainable change. We increase the share of green electricity production with our power plants and create the urban structures for its use: direct electricity models for settlements such as tenant electricity, e-mobility connections and e-sharing solutions. Many sell green electricity – we supply green electricity with an impact for the energy transition.

Our impact on the energy transition


Euro has been investing Green City every day for 15 years


Euro has been invested annually by Green City for 15 years


Tons of CO2 avoided by Green City in 2020

Our tariffs for 100 percent green energy

By choosing our Green City POWER tariffs, you support not only the use of electricity from renewable sources, but also its production: Because our electricity mix consists of 100% green electricity: from hydropower plants, newly built Green City wind or solar parks and disused PV systems.

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Labour price: 27.78 ct/kWh
Base price: 8,58 €/month

  • Real green electricity for price-conscious & sustainable climate protectors
  • 5 Wind and solar energy from Green City plants
  • 95 Hydropower


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Green City Power combines fluctuating wind and PV energy with guaranteed hydroelectric power to create an effective and inexpensive green electricity supply. In this way, we integrate electricity from our self-built and operated wind turbines into the electricity mix and drive the energy transition in a targeted manner.

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Labour price: 29.15 ct/kWh
Base price: 8,58 €/month

  • Green electricity directly from regional producers
  • 10 wind energy from Green City plants
  • 20 solar enegies from our community
  • 70 Hydropower from Bavaria


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Green City Power2People brings together regional power generators and customers. Together, we prevent the shutdown of small solar systems by creating a sales base for solar power. Our offer for all climate protectors who want to take the energy transition into their own hands!

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On request in the tariff calculator

  • Affordable special fare
  • For those who want heat from green electricity
  • Electricity mix as with Green City Power
  • Ideal for heat pumps with one- or two-tariff meters


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With heat pumps, renewable energies from the electricity sector can be used for sustainable heat generation. In particular, they make use of wind and solar power in order to heat properties without fossil fuels in a climate-friendly manner. With Green City Power2Heat we supply inexpensive green electricity for heat pumps. Our offer combines electricity and heat into an integrated system.

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On request in the tariff calculator

  • Affordable special fare
  • Green electricity as fuel for electric mobility
  • Electricity mix as with Green City Power
  • Ideal for charging stations with one- or two-tariff counters


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You have an electric car and would like to charge it with real green electricity climate-neutral at home or in the office? Then Green City Power2Drive is the right choice. Green City Power2Drive power customers are real pioneers and bring the energy and traffic turnaround together in a meaningful way.

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Please note: Voucher codes offered are only valid until 31.12.2020.

Energy with distinction

Of the 1,200 suppliers tested, only ten sell real, clean green electricity, according to the latest green electricity report by the environmental organisation Robin Wood. Among them Green City Power!

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Our arguments for more power

Quality & Regionality

  • 100% green electricity of tested quality and regionality
  • Electricity origin: Hydropower from Bavaria and our own wind farms & solar plants
  • As one of only 10 suppliers in Germany recommended by Robin Wood in the Green Electricity Report 2020
  • Certified by TÜV Süd as one of only two suppliers in Germany as “a pioneer of the energy transition”

Fair conditions & high quality of service

  • Low basic fee (even lower due to the current VAT reduction) & fair labour prices
  • Easy conclusion: Take over the termination with the old power supplier
  • No minimum contract term, electricity supply contract can be terminated monthly
  • Telephone hotline for inquiries
  • Online customer portal for data maintenance and meter reading recording

Track Record & Expansion Effect

  • Green City has been driving the energy transition for 30 years
  • Green City has built more than 300 plants and invested 500 million euros in renewable energy
  • On average, we invest almost 50 million euros per year in the expansion of renewable energies


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  • Saturday: 9am to 3pm

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Are you an operator of a PV system or are interested in the topic of post-EEG?

Green City AG offers a solution for the post-EEG era. Without an active change to “other direct marketing” as of 01.01.2021, operators of affected PV systems would, as of today, be infringed with grid feed-in in the regulations of the EEG. Please contact us or keep up to date with our post-EEG e-mail distributor.

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