Switch off solar panels? Not with us!

Switch off solar panels? Not with us!

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Power2People: Green City's new radical electricity tariff

What one cannot do on his own, many create: With the community tariff you get 100 % green electricity and also supports us in saving small regional solar systems from extinction.
Green City Power2People


Labour price: 29,15 ct/kWh

Base price: €8,58/month

  • 20 Solar energy directly from our community
  • 10 wind energy from Green City plants
  • 70 Hydropower from Bavaria
  • No minimum contract term
  • no advance payment

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Green City Power2People - radical solar

An energy mix with symbolic power: Every electricity customer contributes to ensuring the continued operation of solar systems that will be excluded from the EEG remuneration at the end of 2020. In future, Green City Power will purchase solar power from PV systems with a capacity of 30 kWp directly from the solar plant operators and incorporate it into the energy mix. The goal: By the end of the year, 20 percent solar energy from “saved” PV systems. This is unique in Germany so far!

More than just green electricity - your impact on the energy transition

Green City Power2People brings together regional power generators and customers. Together, we prevent the shutdown of small solar systems by creating a sales base for solar power. Our offer for all climate protectors who want to take the energy transition into their own hands!

Provide small PV plant operators with a sales basis for the electricity produced even after the EEG remuneration has expired in order to prevent the dismantling and decommissioning of PV systems.

As an electricity customer to save PV systems! Our offer is aimed at all those who care about solar energy.

We pay small PV system operators a fair price of 5ct/kWh for the solar power produced and fed into the grid without EEG remuneration. Anyone can get this electricity from us – with Green City Power2People.

Multiple awards

Time is running out

Solar energy at the end?

When the sun rises on 1 January 2021, almost 20,000 solar plant operators in Germany will have a problem. All solar installations built up to the year 2000 will no longer receive support from that date. According to the law, the mostly small solar systems would have to be extensively upgraded with new metering technology in order to be able to market their electricity themselves and feed it legally. This costs many hundreds of euros and know-how. We want to prevent this from Green City with our new Power2People tariff. But time is running out – we have to act, now!



We stand from head to toe for the energy transition. We have been building and operating regenerative plants for over 20 years. We deliberately refrain from listing so-called “comparison portals”. We prefer to put the money of our electricity customers into the energy transition.

We provide the basis for the continued operation of PV systems that do not receive funding from the Renewable Energies Act. To do this, we need many electricity customers in order to be able to absorb the electricity from as many PV systems as possible.

We are closing the circle between producers and consumers and offering full transparency. With us, the electricity produced has a face, behind it are people who, like us, have been bringing renewable energies to the grid for years.

This is, in addition to a balanced cost structure, the reason why we currently have at least 70 hydroelectric power. This way, we can guarantee at any time that 100 green electricity will arrive at your home.

One for all - all for the climate!

#allefürsKlima, Photo: Sina Scherer/Green City AG
#allefürsKlima, Photo: Sina Scherer/Green City AG



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Same plant operator?

We take care of the ongoing operation – learn more under ag.greencity.de/post-eeg


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