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Do you own land?

From a minimum size of 5 ha, we will develop an optimal use of land with you.
  • Along motorways and railways

  • In disadvantaged areas or pre-loaded by infrastructure, sealed or with low soil quality

  • On economic, traffic, residential or military conversion areas

We create added value

From small-scale roof systems in urban areas to large open-space systems, we find an individual solution. We have been planning, building and operating solar systems for more than 25 years. 282 realized projects speak for themselves. We offer:

Area potential analysis and majority finding

  • Investigation of municipal areas and site areas with regard to photovoltaic potential.
  • Proactive dialogue with community representatives, stakeholders and citizens.

Project development and construction of solar systems

  • Assumption of all costs and risks of required permits.
  • Construction of ground-mounted systems in cooperation with leading manufacturers and experienced partners.

Financial participation

  • Participation offer to the citizens of the region for the financing of photovoltaic systems within the framework of ecological investments.

Operation, maintenance and servicing

  • Technical and commercial management of the photovoltaic systems over the operating period.

Opportunities for local actors

For property owners & agricultural tenants

  • Long-term leasing of land
  • Possible continued cultivation by the agricultural tenants
  • Attractive rent and interesting investment models
  • Compensation for loss of use

For municipalities or districts

  • Income from leases
  • Integration of municipal utilities and energy cooperatives, intercommunal models
  • Increase in regional added value
  • Achieving municipal climate protection goals
  • Ecological upgrading and extensification of the area

For project developers and project partners

  • Possibility of cooperation or sale
  • Further development of stagnant projects
  • Further development of ongoing projects through integration into municipal financing models

For citizens

  • Emission-free and regional power generation
  • Opportunity for participation in the planning phase
  • Possibility of investing in the solar systems on site
  • Attractive interest rates within the framework of stable legal framework conditions

Climate protection with added value

Agriculture, the environment and nature can benefit equally from solar systems. Green City checks each location individually. Compensatory and replacement measures for the environment and nature conservation are an integral part of our planning. The energy transition is thought of together with nature conservation.

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Exclusion of areas worthy of protection

In a preliminary analysis (white area analysis), all conditions worthy of protection are determined and, if necessary, excluded.

Sensitive handling of agricultural land

Only areas with low land values/arable land or fallow land/grassland are cultivated.

Recultivation of soils

For the period of operation, the agricultural area is taken out of intensive farming. The nitrate input through manure and other fertilizers into the groundwater is interrupted. The soils can recover.

An additional plus on the account

Rental income ensures a secure income, even in poor yield years (drought years). Through green care, e.B. sheep grazing, generates further income. The majority of the land can still be used for agriculture.

Active contribution to the energy transition

A 100 kWp solar system saves over 16 tons of CO² and supplies about 28 households with solar power annually.

Green City – Solar pioneers from the very beginning

In 1999, Green City e. V., together with 136 investors from the very beginning, initiated the photovoltaic modules of what was then the world’s largest citizen participation system. To date, the Green City family has realized more than 282 solar power plants. These include small-scale roof systems in urban areas as well as large open-space systems with an output of up to 15 MW. The majority of the plants in the Green City Group are technically and commercially managed and managed.



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Are you a landowner or interested in building a solar system?

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