Review of the Streetlife Festival - September 7 and 8

At Germany’s largest sustainability festival on the weekend of September 7 and 8, the weather left much to be desired, but for many people this was no reason to stay at home: Despite rain and cold temperatures, a total of 80.000 visitors joined the festival and were inspired by various ways in which public space can be used alternatively. As the main partner of the festival, the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection also provided information on climate protection and climate adaptation at the Odeonsplatz.

Seven different theme worlds

A sustainable city means space for creativity, community, recreation, culture and movement. Last weekend, the Streetlife Festival showed how urban space can be designed according to these principles on the otherwise busy Ludwigstrasse and Leopoldstrasse in Munich. In a total of seven areas, visitors were able to enjoy car-free city flair, find out about various topics and become active and creative themselves.

In the area “Mastering Climate Change” on the Odeonsplatz, the Bavarian Climate Alliance informed festival visitors about climate change and global warming, especially about its effects in Bavaria. In the “Alternative Mobility” area, the e-scooter sharing provider emmy, among others, showed how the mobility of the future can work. Car sharing offers and the latest trends on the e-mobility market were also presented here. In a test course, visitors were able to familiarise themselves with alternative mobility. A climbing tower, pop-up yoga, a test area for BMX bikes and a slalom course for skaters kept visitors in the “Ludwigsstadion” busy. The “FairWertBasar” offered ecologically produced or handmade products, while the “Space Invaders” theme area revolved urban design and invited visitors to participate in a break dance contest and gain skills at repair caf├ęs. With the “GerechtEck”, a new social area offered not only a children’s land but also street science lectures from the Technical University of Munich. The area “Umwelten” (environment) was a real showcase for countless opportunities for visitors to find out about climate protection, animal welfare and nature conservation.

Great Interest in the Green City Stall

For visitors wanting to relax in hammocks and deckchairs among the greenery, the Green City Island at the Professor Huber Platz was just the right place. Additionally, at a plant exchange market, visitors were able to learn a lot about the wide range of products and services offered by the Green City family – consisting of Green City AG and the environmental association Green City e.V. The Streetlife Festival, which is organised twice a year, is only one of a total of 150 events initiated by Green City. This year, the new Skybar on the Green City island was also particularly popular: on a raised scaffolding, the view over the entire festival area could be enjoyed with a drink in hand.

We are looking forward to the Streetlife Festival in May 2020!

Images from the Festival


Photos: Green City AG/Sina Scherer