Sales for Green City Wind Farm 2021 started

Munich, July 20, 2021 – Sales for the latest capital product from the Munich-based energy transition company Green City have started. The real asset-based bond Green City Windpark 2021 offers investors the opportunity to benefit from a wind farm in Saarland developed by Green City and currently under construction. Shortly after the start of sales, more than 60 percent of the issue volume had already been subscribed. For the company, this is a strong sign of the great importance that investors attach to wind energy in Germany.

Construction work on the wind farm in Saarland, in the district of Merzig-Wadern, with two Vestas V150 turbines with a total capacity of 8.4 MW and a total height of 241 m has already begun. The foundations are currently being poured. The wind turbines were planned as far away as possible from the adjacent forest stands and forest edges. In addition, the pitches are located on exclusively agricultural or fallow land in a north-south orientation, so that both locations have an optimal wind flow. The two plants are expected to be able to supply about 6,800 households with clean electricity. Commissioning is planned for December 2021. Green City is responsible for project development, construction and operational management for the wind farm. With the Green City Windpark 2021 bond, the company now offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the Saarland project.

“Green City Wind Farm 2021” – Bond for rare German wind project

For CEO Jens Mühlhaus, it is a sales start under special circumstances. “In Germany, new onshore wind power projects are currently rare, and the wind industry is battered by political restrictions and social acceptance problems.” To counteract this, Green City has been going its own way for its own renewable energy projects since its foundation and is launching participatory financial products. “Participation is the key to gaining acceptance among the population,” says Mühlhaus. With the Green City Wind Farm 2021, the ninth capital product with a focus on wind has now started sales. Just three days after the start of the public offering, more than 60 percent of the issue volume was subscribed. “Our investors know that wind power is a mainstay in the energy transition. Without a massive expansion of wind turbines, the German climate targets will not be achieved,” adds Mühlhaus. The issue volume of the new capital product amounts to EUR 4.7 million, the interest rate has risen from 3.0% to 3.5% and 4.0% p.a. The term of the Green City Wind Farm 2021 is around 8 years, the interest period begins on 01.08.2021. The minimum investment amount is 1,000 euros.

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