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Green City AG is a citizen-owned company

By issuing the citizen’s share, a broad distribution of share ownership is sought by as many shareholders as possible. The association Green City e. V. retains the blocking minority in Green City AG, at the same time the company opens up to new shareholders.

The Green City share is tradable as a security, but is not currently listed on a stock exchange. The trading platform of Green City AG is available for the purchase or sale of shares. This serves to bring together buyers and sales interests.

In addition, the shares of Green City AG may also be sold or acquired by interested parties without using the trading platform. The last company valuation on 01.01.2018 showed a share value of €35.*

Key features of the share

Creating sustainable assets

Green City AG is an ecologically oriented company whose substance is based on an ever-growing power plant portfolio of the Green City Group.

Preserving origin

The association Green City e. V. always intends to hold at least 25.1% of the shares of Green City AG, so that in this case it holds a permanent blocking minority.

Maintaining independence

The shares of Green City AG are vinculated registered shares. This allows us to know the shareholders by name and to reject shareholders whose economic activity is incompatible with the company’s objectives.

Achieving free float

The stock is a low-threshold form of direct citizen participation. The more people participate, the better. With the exception of the already existing and desired strongest shareholder Green City e.V., the participation of a single shareholder can be limited to a maximum of 10 according to the statutes.

Enabling citizen participation

Shareholders are co-owners of Green City AG and participate in the risks and opportunities of the company. Every shareholder has a right to vote and have a say at the Annual General Meeting.

Hauptversammlung der Green City AG am 26.04.2018 in München.
Annual General Meeting of Green City AG on April 26, 2018 in Munich.

Shareholder structure of Green City AG

As a result of the issue of citizens’ shares since September 2016, the number of shareholders has increased to around 884 (as of 31.12.2019). Green City e.V. holds about 54% of the shares. The remaining 46 of the shares are in free float. Apart from the association, no shareholder holds more than 3 of the shares.



This means that Green City AG remains true to its goals: the company and the power plants in its possession are in the hands of a non-profit association and a large number of citizens.

*Based on valuation 2018: Discounted cash flow with 6 % based on status quo. Future business potentials as well as additional newly built plants are not taken into account.

Substance principle of the citizen’s share:
Power plant parks form the backbone of civic shares

Our core business is the development and construction of renewable energy plants. Our own renewable energy power plants “Kraftwerksparks” thus form the backbone of the Green City share.

Our power plants

The power plant parks are financed mainly by borrowing.

All voting shares in the three subsidiaries (Green City Energy Kraftwerkspark I GmbH; Green City Energy Kraftwerkspark II GmbH & Co. KG; Green City Energy Kraftwerkspark III GmbH & Co. KG) are in the hands of Green City AG. As substance values, the “Kraftwerksparks” form the basis for a sustainably rising company value.

Our company is transforming from developer and financier of projects to an operator and power producer. In the long term, after the end of the guaranteed feed-in tariff, the distribution of clean electricity is gaining strategical importance. We are already working on ideas and cooperations to prepare for this phase.

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