Solar stands for success: Five PV surcharges in innovation tender

Munich, October 8, 2020 – This was a complete success: In the first innovation call by the Federal Network Agency, the Green City Group was able to secure a total of five bonuses – all in the field of solar energy. Frank Polhaus, team leader of the PV division at Green City, sums it up as a good day for photovoltaics.

The result of the first innovation call was eagerly awaited, with a volume of 650 megawatts. Initially, 400 megawatts were planned, but because the planned innovation tender with 250 megawatts had to be cancelled last year due to the still missing regulation, the volume was added this year. Bids could be placed for individual plants and plant combinations.

And there was a great deal of interest in the photovoltaic sector: at 785 MW, the innovation call was significantly oversubscribed. A total of 73 bids were awarded, including 27 combinations of solar panels and storage systems. The Green City Group has also entered the race with such a combination of systems: The solar park in Priestewitz, Saxony, with an output of 10 MWp, is equipped with a storage system. Also successful: the slightly smaller Schönfeld solar park with a capacity of 3.2 MWp, which, like the large sister park in Priestewitz, is implemented together with a cooperation partner. In addition, the three PV project developments in Doberlug, Brandenburg, and in the Bavarian beakwaid (Beakwaid 1 and 2), which are owned by the Green City Group, have been awarded.

The special feature of the innovation tender is that the successful bidders receive part of the remuneration via a fixed market premium per kWh fed in, and the other part via PowerPurchase Agreements (PPAs), i.e. long-term electricity purchase contracts, to be concluded. Team leader Frank Polhaus has no doubt that success in the solar sector will continue: “We will continuously expand our PV pipeline,” says Polhaus. “The innovation call helps – it stretches a one-time hammock from remunerations such as PPA plus fixed market premium according to EEG – and we will definitely be back next year!”