Successful conclusion: Climate consensus adopted in Ravensburg

Unanimously adopted! This was the result at the end of July in the Ravensburg municipal council when it came to the so-called “Ravensburger Climate Consensus”. An important milestone for a project in Germany that is unique in Germany in terms of local climate protection. The experts of the Green City Experience were at the city’s side for the consultation, conception and moderation of the project.

It takes almost nine months, then the “Ravensburger Climate Consensus” stood. The result is a paper with ambitious measures. The city’s goal: climate neutrality for Ravensburg by 2040 at the latest.
The special feature of the Climate Commission, which drew up the consensus, is the composition of the participants: In addition to the moderation by employees of the Green City Experience, representatives of Fridays for Future as well as from business, commerce and local politics took part to talk about concrete, local climate protection goals and their implementation.
Green City Experience had also taken on a central advisory role in the field of mobility. For example, the climate consensus foresees a significant increase in the share of public transport, pedestrians and bicycles in total traffic, as well as increased support for climate-friendly means of transport.

You can read all the goals and measures of the “Climate Consensus Ravensburg” here.