Sindersdorf: Bavarian wind farm in times of 10H

The Sindersdorf wind farm consists of two GE 2.75-120 wind turbines, which were built about 40 kilometres south of Nuremberg. The plant site is located on the Lettenfeld near Sindersdorf, directly on the A9 motorway and the Munich-Nuremberg ICE route. The GE 2.75-120 system type is ideally suited for locations with moderate wind generation due to the tower height of 139 meters and the very large rotor diameter of 120 meters. The Sindersdorf wind power plant is a Bavarian wind farm that was able to be realized in Bavaria at the time of the 10H distance control.

  • Commissioning: 03/2016
  • Systems: GE 2.75
  • Power: 5.5 MW
  • Annual production: 12,000 MWh

The Sindersdorf wind farm was financed by The Power Plant Park III, in which investors can currently invest.